Be Why Music is the global leader in Grammy® award-winning New Age Music. We are a California-based record label devoted to releasing music to uplift humanity.

In 2017, Be Why Music’s release of White Sun II won a Grammy for Best New Age Album. In 2019, our release Opium Moon’s self-titled album won the same award. With the label’s recent signing of Jim “Kimo” West, who won the award in 2021, Be Why Music now has three Best New Age Album winners in its artist family.


OUR FOUNDER and OWNER Jai Anand (née Julie) Yannatta

“I am an alchemist of energy. Great things happen when I show up. I am a yogi, a mother, a musician, a visual artist, an attorney, and a teacher. I am a music industry vet of 20+ years. Sat nam.”



“To all artists I say, ‘I see your need. I feel your pain. I am in your corner.’ I have 20+ years of experience marketing musicians, including myself. I increase our artists visibility and amplify their impact and success. I’m an advocate and a doer. I am on your team.”

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